What is a Real Estate Personal Shopper? 

Imagine that you have to move to another city for work, that you can’t spend time looking for a property or that you simply don’t want to deal with the stress of the whole search process (thousands of visits to properties, working with different estate agents, different timetables, different agents, etc.). Personal Real Estate Shoppers work for you looking for and finding the ideal property when you cannot be physically present. Saving you time and effort. We help you to buy and invest in real estate, analysing your needs and tastes to find the perfect property. Thanks to our working method you will save TIME, MONEY and HEADACHES.

Essential characteristics of all PSI

Extensive experience in the real estate sector combined with legal, legal and technical expertise to be able to advise our clients.

Empathy and ability to understand our clients’ motivations, interests and needs, as well as good taste and personal touch.

Agility to detect opportunities and predisposition to do a thorough job. Cunning and flexibility in negotiation and management skills.

Did you know that PSIs work on a fee basis? 

Since we exclusively represent the buyer, who is the one who really invests his money, we do NOT receive any commission or payment from the agencies or owners, but rather a fee established by mutual agreement with the buyer himself. It is for this reason that there is no conflict of interest when defending the buyer of a property.

Our fees are based on the difficulty of the assignment and the estimated time required. With these two variables, we will draw up a closed budget proposal which will be assessed jointly with the client.

The fees of a personal property consultant are governed by a scale stipulated by AEPSI (Spanish Association of Real Estate Personal Shoppers).

Way and payment of fees

The first part is a down payment of 20% to initiate the start-up of services and search.

The second part, around 50%, will come in the signalling of the arras of the property to buy.

The third and final part, the remaining 30%, will be paid in the title deed of the property on the day of signing.

Signing of the purchase mandate

After the quotation for the service has been submitted and accepted by the customer, both parties, the Real Estate Personal Shopper and the purchasing customer, formalise their working relationship by signing a definite contract or purchase mandate.

Contracting this service assures us 6 months of accompaniment and search. If in this period of time the desired house has not been found, the time will be extended on a monthly basis, with agreement between the parties. Our Personal Real Estate Shoppers do not rest until they find the house of your dreams.


• We SAVE you 70% of the visits you would make with a traditional estate agent.

• We SAVE you surprises of hidden defects, we provide technical, financial and legal reports.

• We SAVE you between 5% and 20% of the initial prices of the properties.

• We SAVE you the conflict of interests, as we position ourselves in favour of the buyer.

Today is a good day to find the house of your dreams.


Email address

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