The link that connects the Real Estate Personal Shopper with the buying customer

The Lipsink team is made up of Real Estate Personal Shoppers with a long history in the real estate market. After years of working in this sector we did not feel identified with their ideals nor did we share their philosophy. A way of working where there is a great conflict of interests between the buyer and the seller, which means that the estate agents always end up positioning themselves in favour of the seller. 

For this reason, we decided to create Lipsink with the clear and transparent objective of defending, exclusively, only the interests of the buyer to accompany and advise professionally throughout the process of searching for and buying a property or real estate asset.

Our passion and sole objective is to help people find their ideal home in a professional environment where the recognition of a job well done is our greatest reward.

Here we introduce you to our team. Six great professionals who can’t wait to meet you and start on the road to the home of your dreams.

Jordi Julià | DIRECTOR
Marta Soler | PSI
Robert Garcia | PSI
Josep Aledo | PSI
Rodrigo González | Abogado
David Rius | Arquitecto

Ronda Maiols n 1 BMC 229. Sant Quirze del Vallés. Barcelona

+34 93 711 50 80